Life After Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can have a negative effect on your credit, but this effect is only temporary. Most people who file for bankruptcy will find creditors aggressively marketing to them soon after their bankruptcy. Some credit card companies will start sending solicitations shortly after the case is filed or after the discharge is granted. They will also have options available for re-establishing their credit, like using secured credit cards or store credit cards.

With timely payments on reaffirmed mortgages and auto loans, they will rebuild their credit score. As the credit score increases, they become eligible for car loans and home loans or mortgages again at reasonable interest rates. And under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the bankruptcy will eventually be removed from your credit report.

At Ast & Schmidt, P.C., in Morristown, New Jersey, we talk with our clients about the financial decisions they made before bankruptcy and the ones they will make afterward. While bankruptcy provides a tremendous relief for our clients, the financial freedom they achieve from their past problems — the light at the end of the tunnel — is something that must be protected. Your fresh start is a chance to do things right, this time around.

That's why we'll spend time talking with you about ways to protect your credit and start rebuilding your finances after bankruptcy. We may discuss:

  • Monitoring your credit reports to make sure that the bankruptcy information is properly listed on all discharged accounts
  • Making sure that no debt buyers attempt to collect on a discharged account after your bankruptcy is filed
  • Getting credit reports from the three major credit reporting companies, not rip-off programs that make you pay for credit monitoring you don't need
  • The importance of regularly monitoring your credit to detect inaccuracies
  • Avoiding the type of debt that led to financial problems in the first place

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